Mar 26

Meet Our Students

We’d like to introduce you to two of our current students at CBC-DC. For pictures and other student’s stories, click on this link




Eric works for the Department of the Defense as IT project manager. He started with CBC-DC during the winter quarter as a full-time student. How has CBC-DC benefited him? He has gained revelation knowledge and deeper roots in the knowledge of God and his relationship with Him. Eric believes God has first of all called him to be His child and secondly to be a teacher in the Body of Christ. Eric is currently helping another CBC-DC student pastor a church in the DC area. He says, “CBC is the best place to be if you really want to get to know God and His Word.”




bird1Another full-time student, Kelsie, owns and manages an assisted living facility in her home named after her grandmother Catherine. Kelsey lived with her grandmother until she was 18 and had her own place. Then Catherine moved in with her. Kelsey had a friend who was unhappy with the facility where her mother lived and wanted to move her to Catherine’s House along with her mother’s friend. Catherine’s House was licensed to meet the needs of the elderly. At CBC, Kelsey most appreciates the unity among the students, the acceptance, warmth and love that only comes from the Holy Spirit joining everyone together. She says, “For me it’s all about the Word. If you are not teaching the Word you are doing a huge disservice because it’s ONLY the Word that will change your life. Charis teaches the Word and only the Word. I remember talking to Chip before class during the summer and I asked him what I needed to bring and he said ‘just your Bible, that’s our textbook’”.

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Feb 26

March Guest Speakers

Visit Charis Bible College – Washington DCM C Hoesch crop

March 10-12, 6:30 pm

Hear Mike and Caroline Hoesch

Have you ever wanted to meet someone who has experienced an obvious but “impossible” healing from God? Would you like he and his wife to show you in the scriptures how anyone can be healed? Would you like a chance to ask them questions?

Mike Hoesch was healed of a cancerous tumor and has the horrifying pictures to show it. His breakthrough of understanding came when he read one of Andrew Wommack’s books titled You’ve Already Got It. Mike is featured in Healing Journeys 3.

Come meet Mike and Caroline Hoesch and share in their miracle. They will be guest speakers at Charis Bible College Washington DC on March 10-12, at 6:30-9:30 pm. Charis Bible College is located at 6118 Franconia Road, Alexandria, VA 22310. Call us for more information (703)-743-0942.

Visit Andrew Wommack Ministries website to read about Mike’s healing and view the Healing Journey video with this link: Mike Hoesch Miracle


Feb 03

February Guest Speakers


Charis Bible College – Washington DC

6118 Franconia Rd, Suite 200, Alexandria, VA 22310

Wednesday, February 19, 2014 at 6:30-9:30 pm

Sean and Lisa Michaud

Michaud FamilySean and Lisa both graduated from Charis Bible College of Colorado in 1997. They were ordained by Andrew Wommack and the leadership of CBC in 1998. They have served as full-time missionaries since 1999. They have worked with new believers in Venezuela, pastored for three years in Lisa’s home country of Trinidad, conducted bible schools and village outreach in Russia and lived and ministered the Gospel in South Africa.

In May of 2005, they founded Kingdom Equippers Ministries International in order to help train laborers throughout the world to carry out the Great Commission.

While in Russia, they developed a DVD bible school that is being used in multiple in-church and home-group bible schools. There have been many testimonies how God has used the DVD’s to change the lives of people and to equip them to minister the Good News of the Gospel, which is God’s unconditional love and grace through Jesus Christ. Students of those bible schools have gone out and started new churches in villages and towns that didn’t have a church and also brought the DVD’s with them to use to disciple the people in those places.

At this time, they are based out of the USA in order to preach and teach the Good News of Jesus Christ.

Contact us at the school for further information:

email: or phone: 703-743-0942

Dec 10

Happy Holidays

IMG_0618Chip and I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday with much for which to be thankful. We’re thankful for a new milestone at CBC-DC that we passed as we left for the Thanksgiving holidays. The first term for CBC-DC had successfully ended. Report cards for the fall term went out on Wednesday, December 4. All students did well and we are proud of them.

The winter term began with a healing. One evening, after classes were ended and a few of us were standing around talking, Emily told us that she believed God wanted to heal someone’s knee. Philip said that his right knee was painful and he’d appreciate prayer. Emily spoke to the knee, prayed, and healing heat flowed. We all praise God for a place where the Holy Spirit gifts can be practiced and manifested before, during and after classes.

The break area and classroom are beautifully decorated for Christmas, thanks to the work and decorations of our students. We are preparing for the Christmas party December 11, which will be catered in our break area. Counting guests and students, we’re expecting about 50 people. At the rate our school is growing, this may be the first and last time we’ll be able to host a Christmas party in our break area.

Two new students are in the process of enrolling for the winter quarter. Since both of them are men, they will be eagerly welcomed by our currently outnumbered 3 male students. The total number of students will increase only by one because a current student is electing to do winter quarter by correspondence. She plans to re-join us in the spring.

Today, December 9, we’re watching the weather reports. The bare branches of the trees are coated in ice and crusty snow is on the ground. Most of the area schools have elected to delay opening for a couple of hours. Some of our students are more than an hour away from CBC-DC with possibly very worse driving conditions than we have. We’ll let our students evaluate their own safety and offer audio recordings of the classes they miss.

So this is how this newsletter ends, anticipating Christmas holidays and debating about the safety of winter driving conditions. How appropriate for the start of winter quarter! May your Christmas season be blessed by God and all the roads you travel safe and dry. MERRY CHRISTMAS and JOY IN THE NEW YEAR!!  


P.S. You may want to read the recently published article on Andrew Wommack Ministry website about Chip & Margaret’s journey from Tennessee to Colorado to Washington DC.

click on his link: Retired and Bored No More

Oct 18

The first month of school has come and gone

What does CBC-DC look like now? There are eleven full-time and ten part-time students. When we’re all together on Mondays and Wednesdays, there are only 3 vacant places at the student tables.

Several people have called, interested in starting winter term (December 2). If you’d like more information about starting winter term, call us at (703) 743-0942 or e-mail us at We’ll make room for you.

We’re looking at ways to comfortably fit more students into the room. One possibility is leasing an empty room next to the classroom and removing the wall between them to double our space for next year.

What are the students like? They range in age from 22 to 71. Go to the website and click on the “students” tab. You’ll see an Egyptian, a Korean and those whose genes have been in the melting pot a little longer. Some have beautiful voices and some worship with a joyful noise. Some are quiet and don’t call attention to themselves. Others are outgoing and fill the break area with their laughter.

They’re generous. The offerings given to guest speakers have amazed us as well as the speakers. Our break area is constantly stocked with snacks that students bring. Our blunders and stumbles this first year have met equally generous responses.

They are seeking God wholeheartedly. Some drive over an hour one way to get to school. Some discuss the evening’s teaching with their spouses long into the night even though they’ll have to fight the traffic to get to work in the morning. Our guest speakers tell Chip and me that revelation is pulled out of them by the students’ intense interest. We are thanked for bringing CBC to the Washington DC area over and over.

Such tender hearts don’t happen naturally. They are the result of your prayers and your help in preparing a nice place for them. So allow us to pass on all their gratitude to you.

John 17:22-23 ”And the glory which thou gavest me I have given them; that they may be one, even as we are one: I in them, and thou in me, that they may be made perfect in one; and that the world may know that thou hast sent me, and hast loved them, as thou hast loved me.”


Sep 24

Guest Speaker: Mike Braun

Charis Bible College – Washington DC

Next Guest Speaker: MIKE BRAUN

October 7 – 9th, Monday-Wednesday 7:30-9:30 pm


“Mind Games” is what Mike Braun calls his revelation on how to always discern the source of a thought. If we know a thought’s source, we’re equipped to accept or reject it. It’s in our choices and thought life that the war is lost or won. The best Bible promise imaginable is made powerless if we don’t accept and act upon it. Likewise, Satan is powerless if we don’t accept and act upon the lies he sends to us disguised as thoughts.

Mike Braun teaches how to win this war of the mind and be victorious in every area of our lives. Charis Bible College students in Colorado found Mike’s teaching so helpful that even after four hours of CBC, they ate a hasty lunch and stayed to attend Mike’s classes. Make the effort to come and hear Mike Braun. He’ll be at CBC-DC, 6118 Franconia Rd. (second floor) Alexandria, VA, October 7-9, 7:30-9:30 PM.

Visit Mike’s website The Truth Wins for a preview. I’m certain you’ll be blessed and empowered.

For directions to the college or more information, please call us 703-743-0942

or click here: Charis Bible College Washington DC

Sep 13

Open House at CBC DC

 ”Exceedingly abundantly above all we ask or think” are the words that come to mind when we think of the Registration/Open House that we enjoyed September 9th and 10th.

God orchestrated a beautiful mix of people, just the right amount. Students and guests talked more like people who have known each other for years than people who have met for the first time. The pictures tell the story. To see them, click here:

Our volunteers, Father working through them, are the reason things went so smoothly. They not only did the job they volunteered for, but they went the extra mile in so many ways. Beverly Burton greeted people at the door and gave each person either a student name tag or a guest name tag. Susan Sperry brought cookies and made sure snacks and drinks were out in abundance. Mary Dridi and Gwen Rogers helped guests and students purchase Andrew Wommack books and DVDs. Keith and Maribel Brown hosted the classroom while the “Healing Journeys” stories played on the big screen. Margaret Fink assisted Janice Wright with student registration while Jerry Fink took student pictures for the identification badges. Valerie Cooley-Elliott did clean-up, put-away.

We now have 17 students registered for the class of 2o13-2014, ten full-time and seven part-time. They are as excited as we are and are ready to partake of what God has planned for us. God’s plans for us are always “exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think”. He is sooooooo good.

In Him,  

Margaret & Chip Morrow and Janice Wright

P.S.  More new beginnings: Janice Wright is starting a Bible study on Thursdays at 9 am. It meets in the CBC-DC break room and uses the Andrew Wommack curriculum “Spirit, Soul and Body”. This is the revelation that Andrew says is the foundation of all his teachings and it is rich. If you can come, you’ll be blessed. If you have questions, Janice’s e-mail address is and her telephone number is 985-264-8125.






Aug 29

Open House is Coming Soon




WHERE: 6118 Franconia Road, Alexandria, VA 22310 You’ll park and enter the doors under the big numbers “6118”. Take the elevator or stairs to the second floor. Follow the signs to the Charis Bible College break room. Receive your name tag and join in the fun.

WHEN: September 9th and 10th, 5:30-7:30pm. Come either day or both. (Attendance at one of the dates is mandatory for incoming students at Charis Bible College unless previous arrangements are made.)

WHY: To support CBC-DC because the Washington DC area should have a Charis Bible College.

- To encourage family and friends in their decision to attend CBC-DC.

- To experience some videotaped samples of what students will learn.

- Because everyone is welcome.


P.S. There are pictures of the school on the website if you’d like a peek. The website address is

Click on the media tab.


Be prepared to:

  • Have you picture taken for the CBC identification badge.

  • Pay your fees.

  • Pay tuition.

  • Receive your books

All this will be done in the Charis Bible College office. (Ask a volunteer for directions to the office.)


Jul 30

Our Provider

Our Provider

This past Friday we had help to assemble and organize the school from the Brown family, Margaret and Jerry Fink, Janice Wright and Gwen Rogers. Chip and Jerry unloaded 40 classroom chairs, 14 student tables and 4 break room tables from the delivery truck and shucked them out of their boxes. Janice and we Margarets loaded them into the elevator and carried them to the classroom. Kyle and Keith Brown assembled the chairs, attaching backs to them while Chip and Jerry installed speakers and the screen on the classroom wall.

It was while Gwen, Janice and we Margarets were putting together the course study guides that we had a surprise visit from one of our neighbors. He also rents office space in the same building as the school. Our neighbor is an accountant and is moving his office to another room. He offered us a locking four-drawer filing cabinet and three shelving units. We accepted them with much thanks to God for him. Our crew soon transported the gifts from his office to ours. Hallelujah!

God is serious about having a Charis Bible College in this area. He is working through people to provide something wonderful for all of us. We believe His provision is especially abundant for those who present their bodies and their time as a living sacrifice to God by attending Charis Bible College. (See Romans 12:1)

There still is space in the 2013-2014 Charis Bible College class for you. As Andrew says, it is certainly not the devil drawing you to Bible College! If you have questions, e-mail us at

Our lives were turned right-side-up by attending Bible College. It’s an experience that can never be stolen. And what we learn here lasts not just for a lifetime but forever. What an investment!

Blessings forever,

Chip and Margaret


Jul 17

Another Milestone!

Thanks be to God for Another Milestone! 

July 16 was another milestone for CBC-Washington DC. We received keys to our classroom, break room, and office. The modifications and repairs, painting, carpet and tile laying, etc. are finished.

Everything looks great! All that remains is some electrical work and clean-up.

The building manager even gave us permission to start having things delivered and stored in the rooms even though we don’t start paying rent until August 1. We’ve been comparing chairs and tables on the internet for price and quality. At the April meeting in Woodbridge, we were offered some chairs as a donation. We thought they might make good break room chairs. Now we have a place to store them!

Next Need: TV Wisdom

Many of you have told us that you heard the Charis Bible College advertisement on WFAX radio, 1220 AM, before and after Andrew’s program at 9:00 am and 9:00 pm. We’d also like to advertise the new CBC school on television. When we ask, people in this area consistently tell us that they watch Andrew’s program on cable.

What we’d like is called a crawler. It’s words running at the bottom of the screen, giving info about CBC-Washington DC near the end of Andrew’s program as it is aired in the DC area. The problem is that we don’t know how to make this happen or even if it’s possible within our price range. The Minnesota and Chicago CBC directors advertise on network TV, not cable.

1. Does anyone out there know anything about running a crawler in the DC area on cable?

2. If you’re in the DC area, do you watch Andrew Wommack on network TV? If so, what station?

3. If you’re in the DC area, on which cable channel do you watch Andrew’s program?

Advertising is expensive and we want to make the most of every dollar spent. On the other hand, how can students come if they don’t hear about the school?

E-mail us with your wisdom and experience. We need it!


Chip & Margaret Morrow


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