Mar 24



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Andrew Wommack is holding a 3 day Gospel Truth Seminar on April 23-25, 2015 in Woodbridge VA at Hylton Memorial Chapel.

Special Charis Washington DC information meeting on Saturday April 24 at 12 noon.

Learn about first and second year programs and the new Leadership third year opportunity.

Talk to current Charis students and the Charis staff at the Washington DC campus.

Jan 19

CHARIS Guest Speakers

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Mike and Caroline Hoesch

March 16 & 17, 2015 at 6:30-9:30 pm


M C Hoesch cropHave you ever wanted to meet someone who has experienced a visible but “impossible” healing from God? Would you like he and his wife to show you in the scriptures how anyone can be healed? Would you like a chance to ask them questions?

Mike Hoesch was healed of a cancerous tumor on his chest and has the pictures to show it. His breakthrough of understanding came when he read one of Andrew Wommack’s books titled You’ve Already Got It. Mike is featured in a video in Healing Journeys 3.

Come meet Mike and Carolyn Hoesch and share in their miracle. 

Click here for directions to our campus: CHARIS Washington DC map

Jan 10

New Year – New Healing School

HAPPY NEW YEAR to all the partners and friends of Charis Bible College at Washington DC!

We’re starting 2015 with something we believe will be a blessing to not only our students but all people in the Washington DC area. We will be live streaming Healing School from Charis at Colorado through the internet every Thursday of the school year from 3-5 pm our time.

Healing School became a reality when Chip and I were in our first year of Charis Bible College at Colorado. We attended the first student training sessions even before the public was invited and were excited when students received healing during the teaching! Since then, hundreds of people have been healed at Healing School, their testimonies publicized at later Healing Schools or on the Andrew Wommack website.

Daniel Amstutz and Carley Terradez run Healing School with the help of students, volunteers and other staff members. Carley was healed of severe epilepsy and her daughter Hannah was healed from an incurable disease days away from death. Watch the story of Hannah’s healing.

Charis Bible College Healing School is not weird or something that would scare children. It is free and open to everyone. There is about an hour of singing praises to turn our hearts and minds to God, followed by about an hour of teaching by someone who has actually received divine healing. After the teaching, trained students are available to pray for you individually.

It is no secret what God can do. What He’s done for others, He’ll do for you.

We’re here every Thursday of the school year from 3-5 pm.

We’d love to have you visit. (See a map to our location)

P.S. The school year includes every Thursday from now through May 14 except for April 2. We’re on the second floor but there is an elevator.

Nov 22

Fall Term Ending

We started November with prayer for those who sent in requests in response to the mission trip letter. How powerful the Spirit was as we united in prayer, believing that those things which we said would come to pass! (Mark 11: 22-26)

Thank you for giving us the privilege of praying for you and those you love.

Susan Dial and Mitzi Nel shared their testimonies with us of the many miracles that they have witnessedCR2crop in their walks with Jesus. A son’s dead kidney returned to life and function. African children were miraculously fed in the midst of famine. These ladies have poured out their lives for the sake of the gospel and they have the stories to prove it! We were exhorted, edified and comforted by their visit to CHARIS Bible College in Washington DC.

Wendell Parr saw Charis Bible College-Washington DC for the first time in November as part of a tour of the eastern USA extension schools. For the few who don’t know Wendell, when God called Andrew to build a Bible College, Wendell was the man Andrew contacted.

CR1cropWendell spent two evenings with us, teaching us HOW to present our bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable unto God. And HOW to not be conformed to this world but to be transformed by the renewing of the mind, that we may prove what is that good, and acceptable and perfect will of God. (Romans 12:1,2) As we all know, it is fairly easy to know scriptures in the head. Wendell showed us how to live these important scriptures in our day-to-day lives.

BR1cropOn November 20, students completed classes for the fall term. Winter term classes begin December 1. New students may enroll for the winter term on December 1.

Even if you can’t enroll, please come visit us.



I want to close this newsletter with part of an e-mail from a student. She said,

“This Thanksgiving I am thankful for the both of you and Janice

for answering the call to open a CBC in this area. It has and it is changing my life.”



Oct 14

November Speakers

And the things that thou hast heard

of me (Paul) among many witnesses,

the same commit thou to faithful men,

who shall be able to teach others also.”

2 Timothy 2:2



This scripture is the mission statement of Charis Bible College. In the month of November, CHARIS Washington DC campus will be hosting three guest speakers who have been found faithful and have extraordinary life experiences to teach to you.




November 10th 6:30-7:20 pm

Bble StudySusan Dial (69 years young) has recently moved to the Washington area from her childhood home in South Carolina. This was in answer to the call on her life to share what the Holy Spirit has taught Her about God’s Covenants and His faithfulness to perform all that He has promised for the believer. Her audience quickly relates with her moving testimony of the miraculous healing of her son’s dead kidney and other provisions as a single mother after being deserted by her husband. With simplicity she brings fresh insight into the integrity of our Heavenly Father.


Mitzi Nel and her late husband Henry started the Church of God in Capetown, South Africa 60 years ago. They retired from the ministry and became missionaries to the children and widows in Zimbabwe, Africa. During the seven year drought they were feeding 3500 starving children every day. Mitzi witnessed the power of God providing food for the children when there was no food available! Mitzi’ has lived in the miraculous with testimonies about standing against the power of witch doctors. Hear how she was miraculously healed of a stroke which paralyzed her left side. Mitzi currently lives in Yorktown, VA with her daughter and continues sharing the love of God.



November 17 & 18, 6:30-9:30 pm


Wendell Parr has been in ministry for over four decades. He founded a charismatic church in Texas where he served as Senior Pastor for 18 years. In 1994, he moved to Colorado Springs, Colorado to help Andrew Wommack start Charis Bible College. He taught there for three years and then moved to England where he successfully planted the first CHARIS extension school. He directed Bob Nichols’ Bible school in Fort Worth, Texas, before returning to Colorado where he now serves as the Director of AWM World Outreach and an instructor at CHARIS. Wendell and his wife, Linda, have two children, Wendy and Dean, and one granddaughter, Ashtin.



Come join us at CHARIS in Washington DC for these speakers.

Call 703.743.0942 for directions or other information.



Sep 30

Mike Braun at CHARIS-Wash DC

Mike Braun will be our guest teacher

Monday-Wednesday, October 6, 7 , & 8th at 7:30 pm.

Mike sent this short video invitation to you.

These meetings are open to the public. Invite others you know to come.

Sep 20

Growth at CHARIS

The first week of school has come and gone. We now have 11 second year and 23 first year eager students attending at the start of 2014-15 school year. That is 34 students in contrast to the 19 students we had at this time last year.

Charis Bible College – Washington DC is growing!

To see all the students, click on the Students tab above.


Our first guest speaker is scheduled in October.

M I K E   B R A U N

October 6 – 8th, Monday-Wednesday 7:30-9:30 pm


MIke BraunMind Games” is what Mike Braun calls his revelation on how to always discern the source of a thought. If we know a thought’s source, we’re equipped to accept or reject it. It’s in our choices and thought life that the war is lost or won. The best Bible promise imaginable is made powerless if we don’t accept and act upon it. Likewise, Satan is powerless if we don’t accept and act upon the lies he sends to us disguised as thoughts. Mike Braun teaches how to win this war of the mind and be victorious in every area of our lives from healing to prosperity.

Visit Mike’s website The Truth Wins for a preview. We’re certain you’ll be blessed and empowered.

Charis Bible College students in Colorado found Mike’s teaching so helpful that even after four hours of CBC classes, they ate a hasty lunch and stayed to attend Mike’s afternoon teaching.

It’s worth the effort to come and learn from Mike Braun. All are welcome.

For directions to our campus, point click on the Contact Us tab above and click on Washington DC Location.


Sep 02

Open House & Registration




WHERE: 6118 Franconia Road, Alexandria, VA 22310

You’ll turn into the parking lot and enter the door under the big numbers “6118”. Take the elevator or stairs to the second floor. Follow the signs to the CHARIS Bible College break room. Receive your name tag and join in the fun.

WHEN: either September 8th or 9th, 5:30-7:30pm

Come either day or both. (Attendance at one of the dates is mandatory for incoming students at CHARIS Bible College unless other arrangements are made.)


  • To celebrate CHARIS Bible College in the DC area beginning its second year.

  • To encourage family and friends in their decision to attend.

  • To see the expanded facilities.

  • To experience some videotaped samples of classes

  • Because everyone is welcome.

P.S. There are pictures of the school on the website if you’d like a peek.

Click here =>



Be prepared to:

  • Have you picture taken for the CBC identification badge.

  • Pay your fees.

  • Pay tuition.

  • Receive your books.

All this will be done in the CHARIS Bible College office.

(Ask a volunteer for directions to the office.) 

Jul 23

July 2014

Andrew Visits CBC in Alexandria

Friday, July 18: Andrew Wommack had never seen our Washington DC school and wanted to meet with our students in a small group setting. We gave him the grand tour of our school and enjoyed fellowship in the break area until we moved into the larger classroom.

Our students honored Andrew with their testimonies of how CBC-DC had blessed their lives. As the students spoke, Andrew’s face glowed with joy. He shared his heart with the students. Then Chip and I drove him back to his hotel to give him a short rest before ministering at Hylton Memorial Chapel that evening. Andrew talked about the students’ testimonies for most of the drive. We were so happy to see Andrew enjoying the fruit of his ministry.

That evening, our students prayed for the sick at the Gospel Truth Rally. We’ve heard about a man’s injured shoulder that was restored to full motion from its frozen state. A young woman was delivered. Another young woman born with a birth defect in her brain was visibly improved by prayer. I know I’m not doing justice to all the results of prayer from that evening but that’s all I’ve heard so far. Many people will remember July 18, 2014 as a special day because of God’s mercy, love and grace flowing to them through student vessels.

1407AW Visit

Open House

Monday, July 21: Our summer open house let people find out where our school is located, check out the facilities, meet our students and find answers to questions. After Chip led a question and answer session, students described their CBC-DC experiences. Second year student Leigh prayed that our visitors would be led by the wisdom of God. Decisions were made that evening that will change the course of lives.


Apply and Register in September

It’s not too late to make a decision that could change the course of your life. The application forms can be downloaded from our website, filled out and sent to our Franconia Road address. Mark your calendars for the fall open house, held on September 8 or 9, 5:30-7:30 pm. Come on whichever date is more convenient for you. Students will have pictures taken for their lanyards, will receive books, and will pay tuition and fees.

All are welcome to come, student or not.

We hope to see you there!

Download an application and mail it in by August 30th.

Jun 23

Summer Events



Andrew Wommack at Woodbridge, VA, July 18, 2014 @ 7 pm


Summer Open House at CBC-DC, July 21, 2014 @ 5:30-7:30 pm

(Find answers to your questions. Meet and talk with our students.)


Fall Open House and Registration, September 8 or 9, 2014 @ 5:30-7:30 pm

(Registration is mandatory for all students.)


Fall Term Classes begin September 15, 2014

Class hours 6:30-9:30 pm Monday-Thursday

First Year classes – full time and part time 

Second Year classes – full time only 

(Full-time students attend each evening; part time students meet two evenings per week)

 Visitors are invited to all guest speakers sessions,

however attending regular classes is limited to five evenings per term.



Website:            E-mail:

Phone: 703-743-0942

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